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Product Features:
-True Safety
Fractional Mode delivers a high peak energy pulse while sparing much of the epidermis.
-True Innovation
Rich-PTP™ mode distributes high peak energy into a rapid double pulse allowing for optimal tissue interaction.
-True Versatility
Gen Technique™ is a Quasi-Long Pulse (Pulse width 300µs) utilizing the 1,064nm wavelength for deep penetration. It combines thermal lifting and toning by using the fundamentals of selective photothermolysis.
-Truth About Fractional
TriBeam’s proprietary Fractional hand piece serves a unique purpose. TriBeam Fractional allows for peak energy and absorption into targeted chromophores while reducing bulk heating. This capability leads to faster clearance without recurrence or PIH.

-Café au lait macules, Nevus of Ota and Solar Lentigines
-Treats Melasma.
-Treats even the most difficult tattoos and pigmented lesions
-Phenomenal treatment for skin revitalization and firming.
-Pore reduction
-Skin revitalization
-Skin firming


Laser Medium: Nd:YAG (Q-Switched)
Operating Parameters: Q-Switched and Quasi-Long Pulse
Wavelength: 1064/532nm 
Repetition Rate: Single shot, 1-20Hz (pulse per second) 
Beam Profile: True Flat-Top
Energy Calibration: Internal
Electrical Power: 220V, Single Phase, 50/60Hz, 20 Amps at 220V AC
Weight: 110kg
Dimensions: 953mm(H) X 440mm(W) X 950mm (L) without articulated arm
Beam Delivery: Articulated arm with up to 240cm reach, 7-joint, 360°rotation
Cooling: Closed cycle water to air heat exchanger 



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