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Edge ONE

Product Features:
-Vaginal Tip
Minimally invasive treatment method
Laser beam is applied along the vaginal channel until full tissue coverage is achieved
The unique vaginal applicator using the CO2 laser allows deep dermal heating which produces collagen
Tightening of vaginal wall
Increase the elasticity of vaginal muscle
Decrease the internal and external vaginal diameters
Relieves the incontinence of urine

-Sugical Mode
Edge Pulse of Edge ONE conveys energy to the depth of skin and can generate a very narrow ablation zone to form the extent of thermal diffusion limited to the surrounding tissue. Limited extend of thermal diffusion reduces the pain at time of treatment and the forming of scar after treatment

-Fractional Mode
Support treating localized skin lesion and tissue incision by Surgical Tip.
CW / Single / Repeat / Ultra mode, various beam patterns, flexible approach to various applications
Prevent heat diffusion to surrounding normal tissues by managing space between each micro laser beam.
Indications include skin tightening, wrinkles, fine lines,Skin Resurfacing, Large Pore, pigmented lesions & lentigines scars (acne scar, burn scar, hypertrophic scar, striae distensae)
Fractionated Ablative more


Wavelength: 10,600nm       
Type: CO2 Laser   
Maximum Power: 1~30W  
Aiming Beam: Diode Laser 655nm   
Display: Color LCD Touch Screen     
Dimensions (mm): 240mm (W) X 282mm(L) X 997mm(H)   
Weight: 32kg
Arm Movable range: 1.5m 
Arm rotation angle: 360°    
Cooling system: Air+Water Cooling 
Electrical Requirements: 200V, 50/60Hz, 1KVA


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