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SYSTEM SURE PLUS (Electronic swabbing system)

The SystemSure Plus is a state of the art electronic swabbing metre. Using specially formulated swabs, the meter detects and measures the level of ATP present on the swab and converts that to a numerical value to give an instant indicator of the level of contamination present on the swabbed surface.

After the decontamination treatment, the same area is swabbed again to give an on the spot result showing the reduction in the level of contamination. When used as part of your regular routine, businesses, organisations and professionals can keep records of the results and react to changes before serious problems occur.

The SystemSure Plus is a state of the art electronic swabbing system which allows infection controllers to quickly identify problem areas, analyse cleaning effectiveness and facilitate continuous improvement.

The system features:

•     Instantly readable pass or fail facility

•     200 User ID’s to track staff performance

•     USB connection to PC for tracking results by person & location

•     5000 programmable test locations

•     Self calibrating

•     Lightweight, handheld device

•     Results in just 15 seconds

•     Used extensively in healthcare and food sectors