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BIOGARD™ RDS TURBO SYSTEM (Disinfection: Air & Surfaces)


•     The BioGard™ RDS Turbo was developed to incorporate our dry misting process to cover large areas – faster. We listened to our customers and developed the Turbo to enable less disruption in larger facilities like hospitals, factories and farms, where being unable to use particular areas causes logistical problems and costs money.

•     Conveniently, the Turbo can easily be moved from room to room, switched on for the appropriate time and left to do the work. The automatic digital timer will switch off the unit at the right time, ensuring optimum results, whilst saving cost by not wasting sanitising solution when it is not necessary.

•     After treatment, the room can simply be aerated and used immediately. If entry to the room is required while the unit is in operation, there is no risk to health. What’s more there is no need to remove electronic equipment from the room as the dry mist will not affect sensitive machinery. Indeed, it will also decontaminate any item left in the room!

•     The BioGard™ RDS Turbo will effortlessly decontaminate a room of 2000 square feet in around 10 minutes.


Product Details:

      •       RDS – Rapid Decontamination System

      •       Portable and easy to use (device installed with 4 wheels)

      •       Kills 99.9999% of pathogens

      •       Ultra-light 1-5 micron particles linger in the air longer than ‘foggers’

      •       No need to remove sensitive equipment

      •       Timer for measured cut off

      •       Multi-directional misting heads

      •       Decontaminates 2000 square feet in 10 minutes

      •       Low Cost decontamination solution



      •       Delivers 1-5 micron mist

      •       4 Misting heads for multi-directional misting

      •       Digital timer for measured cut-off

      •       Coverage 2000 square feet in 10 minutes

      •       240v power supply

BioGard Turbo achieves up to 99.9999% or log 6 kill rate when used in conjunction with our non-toxic TriBioSan misting solution.