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MADE IN UK     Size: 100ml(picture) / 500ml

•   A broad spectrum hand sanitizer, effective against all pathogen types including bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts, moulds and fungi.

•   Eliminate 99.9999% of pathogens on hands by direct application in under 30 seconds.

•   Water based alcohol-free hand sanitizer, do not sting or irritate cracked or broken skin (based on the same formulation as our TriBioSan product)

•   Alcohol-free and pH neutral, it does not lead to drying or cracking of skin.

•   Shown to aid the improvement of psoriasis, eczema, scabies, acne and other bacterial skin conditions.

Product Details:

      •   Kill 99.9999% of pathogens in 30 seconds(Log 6)(highest international disinfection standard)

      •   Broad spectrum, effective against all pathogen types: bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts, moulds and fungi)

      •   Skin pH neutral

      •   No alcohol

      •   No bleach

      •   Non-flammable

      •   Non-irritant

      •   Leaves no residue

      •   Has no UK regulation(COSHH (Health & Safety)) implications

      •   Halal approved