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Ultimate solution for acne AGNES
Acne is an inflammatory disorder of hair follicle, especially arising from sebaceous glands. If sebaceous gland is destroyed, acne is not able to recur. AGNES destroys the sebaceous glands without thermal injury of epidermis.

Partially insulated needle
-Insulated upper part of needle prevents skin burn of epidermis.
-Lower part of needle selectively destroys sebaceous glands.

RF with special wave
-Safe/effective therapeutic modality for acene

RF system : 1MHz. Monopoloar & Bipolar
-Square wave form - minimal injury to adjacent tissues
-Monopolar handpiece - destruction of sebaceous glands
-Bipolar handpiece - melting sebum and tightening skin

Specialized Safety : insulated needle checking
-Any damage on the insulation coating of the needle can be visible to the naked eyes through built-in microscope.

Micro-insulated needles(disposable)
-2 different types : Comedo & inflammatory

-Visible result after first treatment
-No associated side effects
-No down time
-Low relapse rate
-Consistent remission
-No skin irritation
-Excellent not only for acne itself but syringoma, blackhead, pores and scars

-Eye Wrinkle
-Eye Bag


Applied Energy: 1MHz RF
Power Supply: AC 100~250V, 50/60Hz
Display: 10, 1 inch LCD touch panel
Handpiece: Acne (Monopolar) / Melting (Bipolar)
Dimensions: (W) 290 X (D) 455 X (H) 271.7mm