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AMBUGARD™ DRY MISTING DEVICE (Disinfection: Air & Surfaces)


•     The AmbuGard™ is portable and is simply placed inside vehicles with the doors closed to achieve total decontamination in around 20 minutes.

•     Alternatively, the AmbuGard can be permanently installed in the patient transfer compartment of the ambulance for use in the field.

•     It operates on 240v, 110v, 24v or 12v and can be directly connected into the vehicle electrical system.

•     This allows the paramedic to switch on the unit in between patient transfers to fully decontaminate all surfaces and the air inside the vehicle. Soiled areas should be cleaned as normal following the protocol in place, before decontamination is carried out.

•     The AmbuGard is controlled by a digital timer with auto-cut off, but can also be manually stopped in the event of a ‘shout’.


•     Using our TriBioSan non-toxic biocide there is no risk of corrosion to the vehicle or the sensitive equipment inside and the mist is harmless to humans, making it perfect for rapid and safe decontamination!

•     The AmbuGard is equally effective in other types of vehicles, including laundry trucks, frozen, chilled and ambient vehicles, police, fire and rescue services vehicles or any vehicle where a risk of cross-infection is possible.


Product Details:

•     Designed specifically for Ambulances & emergency vehicles

•     Full decontamination of air & surfaces in under 20 minutes

•     Can be used in between patient transfers

•     Keeps Ambulance on the road longer

•     Reduces deep cleaning time and inconvenience

•     Low Cost Decontamination solution



•     Produces 1.2 micron dry mist particles

•     Light mist reaches all areas of the vehicle

•     Dimensions (H) 290 mm (W) 190 mm (D) 170 mm

•     Weight (without biocide) 4 kg

•     12v, 24v, 110v, or 240v options