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EstheSHIELD (Made in USA) - All-Natural Oral Supplement (Skincare) - Natural Fern Extract for Sun Protection

EstheSHIELD - Natural Fern Extract For UV Sun Protection, Anti-aging, Anti-oxidation, Anti-inflammatory benefits, and more.


• Manufactured in USA FDA Approved and GMP Certified Facility

• Also suitable for Vegetarians

• Usage: Take 1 capsule per day

• Each box contains 30 capsules


EstheSHIELD's key active ingredient - Polypodium Leucotomos, is a natural fern extract used to treat inflammation and a variety of skin ailments, such as DNA damage and UV-induced erythema.  Clinical studies have shown polypodium extracts to be effective at defending skin against damage from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation when taken orally.


EstheSHIELD Benefits:

•  Natural herbal sunscreen that works deep within skin where topically-applied products cannot reach

•  Prevents oxidative damage and premature aging

•  Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory

•  Inhibition of free radicals from UV radiation